Why am I always attracted to the "bad boy" type?

Every single relationship I've been in the male is typically a "trouble maker", has no job, has criminal record, past or current drug user, can be emotionally abusive, etc. I don't know if I feel they are "damaged" and I want to change their life for the better, or what the reason is. I look at a "nice, well mannered, never does wrong/illegal things" and I can't see relationship material or any physical attraction. Most young girls want the "bad boy" but im in my mid-20s and still crave this type of man. My boyfriend of 5yrs is 29 and still this way. For the record I do not get I'm trouble, graduated 3.5GPA, same job for 5yrs, etc. Any other female still fall for the same type of man? Just curious.
Why am I always attracted to the "bad boy" type?
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