Do these signs mean he's after more than a friends with benefits situation?

Okay, so I met a guy through friends and he asked me out. We went on several dates across a 4 week period (we didn't end up kissing until the 7th date). We slept together for the first time last weekend, and he mentioned that he wants to take his time with me on a personal level (he said this the night before we slept together). We live in quite a small town so I've hung out with his friends.

So since then:
1. He is always cuddling me. He cuddles with me on the sofa in front of his best mate who lives with him.
2. We hold hands in public.
3. We go out for coffee dates and dinner.
4. We always joke around and act like complete idiots.
5. He knows what's going on in my life and I know what's going on with his.
6. He's concerned about satisfying me during sex.

So yeah, I've not yet met his family and to be honest, I don't feel ready too and I think he feels the same. I like him, but I don't think I have feelings for him yet. I'm attracted to him for sure.

My friend said we slept together soon and that it's now a friends with benefits situation because exclusivity hasn't been established, but I'm not so sure. I'm happy to go with the flow and be in the moment and see how things progress. I don't have my hopes up as i'm not too sure what I want right now; I just enjoy his company.

Do you think he sees me as more than a FWB?


What Guys Said 1

  • It sure sounds like he does, but here's the thing... You clearly want it to be more and this is something written from your point of view so it's difficult to really gauge what's going on, especially since one of your friends has identified the situation as friends with benefits.

    That said, from what you describe, it doesn't sound like friends with benefits at all and I would say that you two were actually dating, but not yet a couple. However, it sounds like you two are well on your way to becoming a couple.

    • Thanks for the opinion. I think my friend is quite black and white in her views; for her, if you're not a relationship then don't have sex and if you do then you're basically just a f*** buddy. II disagree with her, and I know from experience that its a lot more complicated than that. But yeah, I think this isn't a friends with benefits situation.

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  • Some people act like that with their friends with benefits. It doesn't necessarily mean he wants something more, unless he has told you so.