Chasing women? Or, Chasig dream?

Hello guys and girls.. I'm kind of a poor 19 years old guy.. I don't have enough money to go out and to spend money on dates.. I know there are girls out there who would like me for who I'm and not care wether I have money or not.. I really have a dream to become a millionaire and I have to work har.. really really hard.. and I think that if I'm to achieve that dream, I won't have that time to get involved in a relationship.. what would you advise me? Get in realtionship and try to work like others and live modestly and spend the money I don't have on girls I don't even yet like? Or to pursue my dream and work hard and leave the relationship thing aside for a while?
Any other opinions and advices would be appreciated..
Thanks in regard...

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  • Do neither. Focus on the dream and if you meet a great woman date her. But the person you meet before you get rich will like you for you. And the person you meet after you get rich, requires being careful in case she's more into the Money than you.


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