Can you really trust a devious woman?

I like a girl but she is extremely devious in my class.

- She never sits on one seat, she constantly changes her seat everyday.

- Then she flirts with me and if i dont make a move on her, she starts flirting with other guys. (I saw it myself)

- There are severe rumors in class, that she is married, or she is engaged or she has a boyfriend or she lives in a live-in-relationship, she has a pic of her and a guy as her wallpaper in phone, etc etc, every guy gives a different theory.

- Some guy used to drop her and pick her up before and after the class but now there is no one and she uses public transport to come and go.

- What should I do?
Never trust such a deceptive and devious woman, there are so many red flags about this woman, just forget her. She seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
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You should talk to her, but dont be serious about her, just have fun with her.
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Can you really trust a devious woman?
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