Can you really trust a devious woman?

I like a girl but she is extremely devious in my class.

- She never sits on one seat, she constantly changes her seat everyday.

- Then she flirts with me and if i dont make a move on her, she starts flirting with other guys. (I saw it myself)

- There are severe rumors in class, that she is married, or she is engaged or she has a boyfriend or she lives in a live-in-relationship, she has a pic of her and a guy as her wallpaper in phone, etc etc, every guy gives a different theory.

- Some guy used to drop her and pick her up before and after the class but now there is no one and she uses public transport to come and go.

- What should I do?

  • Never trust such a deceptive and devious woman, there are so many red flags about this woman, just forget her. She seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
  • You should talk to her, but dont be serious about her, just have fun with her.
  • Others (please comment your views)
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  • It's sort of judgmental to say that she's devious. You can't really understand the circumstances she is in for her to be acting this way until you know her. Just go on about your day and interact with her if you want, there's no harm in that.

    If you interact with her, then just lay your sincerity on the table. Ensure you enforce boundaries if you realise you are not able to accept who she is. For all you know, this is just a facade she puts up in public.


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  • Just say hi, how are you and get to know her. It doesn't have to be serious.

    • I did it, and i even told her "hey i like u"
      but she walked away, but she has been giving me signs after that i should again talk to her but i did not make a move again.

    • lol, what the hell, she's trying to really draw you in basically. I've done that to women before and it gets to them until they realize they're in too deep to escape painlessly.

      She really does seem conniving to me. Unless you want your women that way, I'd stay a good distance away from her. Maybe you ought to play games with her too?

    • Yup bro, i dont wana have anything to do with her with so many red flags hanging around her.
      No matter how hot she is, she seems a lot of trouble

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  • Lol @ these voting options.

  • I do not see any wrong with her and there are definitely not red flags.

  • No it would be wrong for any guy to trust me


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