I'm really small for my age.

hey um please don't laugh but would ever see a girl that was like only up to your waist I'm really small for my age and I like this guy so much but I'm scared hell laugh cause of my height. thanks x x


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  • Awwww =) I like this question so I thought I would answer for ya. You shouldn't worry about height. I am a pretty tall guy at 6'2". I've dated girls before that weren't even 5 feet tall so when they stood beside me, their head was at my chest. Being small isn't exactly a bad thing. As long as you're a great person, I can guarantee you your height won't bother him at all.

    A little tip for ya: Guys like girls they can put their arms around. Since you still have a while to grow, I presume guys will enjoy being able to wrap their arms around you. Best of luck

    • Aw thnk youu feel lot better (: lol

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