Seriously... Is there even a way to be an appealing regular black guy?


See my problem is I was raised by educated people... But not like... Super on their high horse about it or anything. In any case, I went to boarding school, went to college and the I'm not that different from my white friends. Thing is I'm not that different from my black friends eaither... I'm middle of the road. But my black friends have Swagger and my white friends are white. Both of those are big plusses when it comes to dating! I have sooo many friends but with women it's almost like they see a datable white guy... Only minus 10 points for being black... And then I don't get the additional swagger points. I kind of feel like an average white guy with a skin deformity or the opposite... Which is what I really am a black guy with a swag deformity.

Why don't girls like black guys who are just regular ass people? I mean black girls too by the way. They aren't into this shit either. They would only take my personality if they got to say they were dating a white guy. If a black guy has everything a white guy has except for the skin color but also losses the dancing and phyical ability... They're just seen as lame. I'm tall and I used to be jacked. When I was it was kind of worse because everyone thought I was like a pro athlete and expected the swagger again. Thing is... I always figured if I just worked on myself I'd attract women... And I kinda do, I attract people... But it's like I really have to align myself up with attracting women and that's not my focus but... Dann like I'd think I should be about as sucessful with them as my friends are.

Seriously... Is there even a way to be an appealing regular black guy?
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