What Should I do?

Was hanging out with this girl for the last 2 months or so it was platonic for the most part i have some feelings for her and we were getting closer to each other she was meeting my family texting me a lot buying me dinner and vice versa of course then one day her attitude changed towards me and then she started canceling on me a lot and the last time i saw her was two weeks ago and i haven't heard from her since she she stopped sending me snapchats and stopped liking my facebook posts she has ghosted me basically i've decided to go the no contact route but i thought i would have heard from her by now how long should i wait before i just send her a text i've gone out with some other girls since then but i really don't connect with them like i do this one any advice


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  • If you know that she didn't start seeing another guy, you should contact her. It's possible that she got tired of waiting for you to make a move from friends to something more.


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