How do I tell if this girl likes me?

She seems like she's always really happy to talk to me, laughs at all my jokes, I catch her looking at me sometimes, and we talk and text all the time.
My friend apparently asked her: "I see you talking to him a lot. Do you like him?" She replied by going quiet and staring at him. The next day she told him she would tell me what her answer was. She hasn't mentioned anything about it.
What does this mean? Does she like me?


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  • Well it depends on her answer. If she went quiet, it means that she wasn't even thinking about you in that way until your friend asked. Honestly she was just very friendly and she likes you as a friend. Nothing more. I honestly don't understand why people have to tease another just because a guy and a girl as friends is hanging out a lot. There's no problem with that. But the point is regardless to what she thinks. Do YOU like her more than a friend? Either way what if she said no? How would that effect you two as friends? Would you still be friends with her afterwards?

    • I do like her more than a friend, and I think it would make things awkward if I asked her out.

    • @Asker

      Well things will always be ackward. But if this is something you both want, them there is nothing wrong in giving things a chance. The choice is up to the both of you.

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