Should I text him?

I sent a couple texts last Saturday to this guy I've been seeing for about a month or so. They weren't super crazy or awful, but I did slightly overreact to a situation that was the subject of said texts. The first basically said I thought it rude and why i thought that, and the second I told him I didn't know if I could do casual if that's the sort of thing he's going to do. I got no response to either of them. I thought about things Sunday and by Monday I decided while wasn't wrong I had overreacted a little. I sent him an apology Monday and and he said "It's all good." I haven't heard anything from him since, and he usually sends me a text or two during the week even if it's just to firm up plans to meet. Normally, I wouldn't think twice about it and move on, but the sex is beyond incredible it's the best I have ever had. Should I just wait for him to contact me, or should I shoot him a text?
Should I text him?
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