I just found out that my girlfriend has a past of walking around naked with her friends should I be worried?


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  • Worried about what?

  • It honestly depends on if it was in front of girls or guys. If it was just in front of girls then you should definitely not be worried it's a girl thing and a lot of girls do it it's completely natural. If it's in front of guys too then that's a bit more complicated you have to ask yourself some questiones such as is the guy gay, how long have they known each other, how is their relationship? If he is a straight guy and they haven't known eachother long then I would be a little concerned, but in the defense of your girlfriend she might be really open about that sort of thing some people think that it's just their bodies and everyone has one so their is no point in hiding it because it's something most people have already seen. Does she like nude beaches or really hates clothes? Did she stop when you guys started to date or did she just up and stop and if so why? That's the sort of thing you should be asking yourself because to her it may mean nothing as I said before she could be really close to them or she could just be open to that sort of thing and if she is that's completely normal too. So my advice to you is to ask yourself some of those questions and if you are still confused and concerned I would ask her because more likely than not she wouldn't be upset and tell you.
    Good luck
    - A Friend


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  • she sounds young and dumb
    drop like a gum wrapper