Girls, Would You Date A Bisexual Guy Who Wears Makeup But Doesn't "Act Gay"?

I'm a bi guy from West Hollywood. I have a different style than most teenage guys. I wear a decent amount of makeup, and nice clothing. Button-up shirts, designer jeans, dress shoes. It's just kinda my thing. I am bisexual, although I'm not a bottom, nor would I ever be. I actually like girls a bit more than guys. It's not even a big deal. But I find that most women don't really seem to be interested in me. Maybe the makeup is why? My question is, would a guy wearing makeup be a 100% dealbreaker for a girl? Even if I don't "act gay?" (I don't mean that in a bad way. I'm just not stereotypically "gay acting.") Any input would be great!

  • I Have No Problem With My Guy Wearing Makeup.
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  • I Might Date Him If He's A Nice Enough Guy, But I Would Try To Persuade Him To Not Wear Makeup.
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  • You sound very open minded and free spirited! Make up is no biggy! Im glad you take care of yourself! I always get so bummed when I find out that an attractive guy is gay. Waste of beautiful genes 😭😭

    I'd have to cross the line if the products you used weren't cruelty free lmao that is all ❤️


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  • No... I dont think so.

  • Makeup is pretty gay.

  • Fuck no. I'm attracted to masculinity not femininity. That would be a deal breaker and turn off

  • I don't even believe in bisexuality I'm sorry you can only like women or men people that say they like both are in denial of what they truly like. Plus makeup is unisex and there's no such thing as "acting gay" gay is your sexual preference not the way you introduce yourself.

    • I appriciate your response! Honestly. However, I can tell you from my iwn experience. Bisexuality is a VERY REAL thing. I like the ladies, and I like the gentleman. Lol. I am sexually and emotionally attracted to both. Honestly! I'm also the most open person you'd ever meet. I have no reson to hide anything.

    • ^ agree with him. I don't say that I am bi, but I have messed with girls and I find them to be hella attractive... i just love the dick a lot more!

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