Do you think it's more common for a girl to dislike/be rude/hate on a prettier girl or a girl that's uglier than her?

do you think it's more common for high school girls to be mean and dislike another girl that's prettier than them or a girl that's uglier than them?

  • It's more common for girls to not like a prettier girl
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  • It's more common for girls to not like an uglier girl
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  • Its more common for girls to just not like each other for no apparent reason from my experience, but maybe thats just me and not all the mean nasty shit I have heard girls say about other girls behind their back.


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  • No it's more common for people to bully vulnerable people regardless of their appearance.

    Pretty girls are usually confident and popular so it's the girls who are more reserved and lack confidence who are targets for bullies, because bullies only target those who appear weak and vulnerable

    • What do you mean no? I never took a side in my question? So I'm confused which one you're saying no to...

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  • Uglier

    • Why do you think that

  • they tend to hate each other. you'll notice birds of a feather flock together.

    • But you said uglier

    • i had to pick. but the two groups hate on each other.

    • girls tend to attack each other.

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