I really have feelings for a friend and I'm crushing on him so much, what do I do?

*I just have so many feelings for him and I wouldn't mind being with him, I feel as if I'm too ugly for him though or that I'm not good enough in general. He's just such an amazing and funny guy. I just have strong


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  • Regret, is worse than rejection. Rejection, you can always overcome, things will be awkward, for a tad, but it will come back. Regret, the chance, the what it, never goes away. I speak from experience. I should have made a move when I had the chance, and when I finally did, it was too late. Don't be me, take the chance. No matter what happens, in the end, you are still friends, and thats better than him not being there at all.

    Now, to help guide you, when was the last time you spoke to him? Does he ever go out of his way for you? Do anything for you?

    • Also to note, you are good enough for him, and I'm sure he'd be happy to have a girl like you. Take a chance!

    • Thank you, he's a very sweet guy and he seems like he cares.

    • Then go for it girl! Text him, call him, do whatever! Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but try to set a time frame, do it by the end of this week. You got this, no fear, no regret!

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  • You need to tell him that. I mean, who knows, he might like you back.