What are some of the traits that you find irresistible in Women?

Especially confidence!!
Physical, personality, and unusual traits?

Also, what traits show confidence in a Woman?


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  • When she can actually cook. This is probably the most sexist thing I'll ever say about the generation of women I'm apart of, but you'd be surprised at how many girls around my age I know that don't know how to cook even the simple things. It's pretty sad. xD


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  • eyes, stomach, deep throat ;)

    traits i guess agressive is cute. a lot of things taht chicks do that are a pain in the ass i just am use to and find cute as well... probably instinct so we take care of their annoying asses ;) lol

    • Eyes, stomach 👍🏻
      Deep throat? 👌🏻👌🏻

      😂 men

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    • True, I can stare at a girls stomach for hours while drunk 🙏🏻 I love watching them rock their hips

    • @sugarchateau well dem hips i only want to watch while they are on something ;) and then yes they are amazing to watch as they rock back and forth. it is mezmerizing. but chicks are beautiful little creatures anyway in general. thats why chicks even like them :) hehe

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  • Women possess nothing particularly irresistible. All people are equal.

    • hehe lair, no one would be any fun then

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    • ooo thats cause teachers are fucking crazy. and we are all equal at birth ;) its what we do from there that matters. but that changes us. the enviorment, the people around us, our parnets, the schools, mentors, what we watch, everything. every stupid little thing in our lives changes us, and this makes us different from one another. not good or bad, just different. and in life we need to find were we belong to be happy. usually that means finding a job and finding a family. but see its starting to get deep again lol...

      but think about it. if someone sat around and did nothing, vs someone who went to school and became a doctor or something. did someting good. the person who is doing nothing in life on purpose, vs somoene who is trying to do good things, are they equals? yes they were born equals, but at the same age now in life they no longer are any more. i hope maybe that example helps more? equality does exist just in a much different way than most people try to portray usually.

    • I've learned today something new.

  • Eyes
    similar to me
    but the last one can survive without the first 2

  • Nothing totally irresistible , although thier quite fun to be with if you find the right one.

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