Is there any hope of finding a serious partner in this day and age (I'm 19)?

I'm 19, and yes, while that may sound like way too young to be worrying about dying alone, I have good reason. Growing up I never knew what a good "relationship" looked like. I grew up watching my mother allow herself to be cheated on and abused. As I got older I started to look around and saw that pretty much all of the women in my family were involved in unhealthy relationships. This conditioned me to assume that that was what my future was gonna look like. I went through life closed up. When I finally opened my heart it was to a verbally abusive dickhead, whom I stayed with for 3 years because I was scared that if I let him go I wouldn't be able to find anyone else. It's been a year since I left him and now I'm starting to worry that maybe I was right. I'm not into hooking up, as I'd like something serious. I've been rejected by every guy that I've liked since last December. I don't know what's wrong with me. Yes, I may not be the prettiest girl out there (or at least what society deems as pretty), but I'm kind, genuine, fun and easy to talk to. I'm at the point where I'm starting to feel hopeless. I'm so torn between how to act and what to work on. Some people tell me that I'm too picky, while others say I'm not selective enough. Some people tell me that I need to "put myself out there", while other says that I need to sit back and stop trying so hard. Both clearly have not worked for me. I go onto websites like these and I see discussions about how "love in the 21st century is dead" and how guys aren't really into serious relationships anymore. I've tried everything. I've tried being myself and I've tried changing myself but nothing has worked. I'm a sweet girl with so much to give and I just don't understand why no one will give me a chance...
Is there any hope of finding a serious partner in this day and age (I'm 19)?
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