25 years old never had a girlfriend, female friends say I am a nice guy and perfect, the furthest I have gotten is a phone number, and then girls flake, help?

Like my question title says I am 25, I have never had a girlfriend, and the furthest I have gotten with women is getting their phone numbers only to have them drag me on for weeks where I think they are interested and then they flake on me or just stop communicating out of nowhere, girls who have rejected me tell me I'm funny and nice but let's just be friends, female friends tell me the same thing saying I would make a great boyfriend and am an interesting guy with interests and hobbies, wtf then if I am getting rejected left and right and flaked on but yet am told by women that I would make a great boyfriend and am a funny and sweet guy, I even had one girl say I would make a great father, I mean wtf am I doing wrong, it's frustrating that I am told all this stuff and yet I am still single and have no significant other or have never kissed a girl, I just don't understand why I have such a hard time, I see guys that I know don't have as many interests as I do, or are as ambitious as I am with goals but yet they have girlfriend and even multiple women and here I can't even get a woman to want to go on a date without flaking or leading me on, and I am told that I am perfect and sweet and funny, please help me, I don't know what to do and am in need of advice?


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  • Maybe you're too available for them. Maybe you bombard them with texts. Maybe they think you don't have interests or passions in your life.


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