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So me and this girl both admitted that we liked each other. Since we both have strict parents, even though we're pretty good friends, we are just getting to know each other better through some date like activities. But I'm worried. In my high school I'm one of the mast popular people and relationships are a lot different. Most of them do go to full blown sex until sophomore year, but guys are still expected to give handjobs and give and receive head. I'm not a virgin, but I'm a little uncomfortable with it since we are both too nervous to broach the subject. I mean honestly I accidentally cock blocked my two bffs in the middle of the backstage theatre room. If I am expected to do this, I would gladly do it if it pleases her, but am nervous since we haven't really done much but cuddled/hugged but it was appropriate.


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  • This is a time in your life where you have to learn what's right from wrong My best advice is not to let the pressures from everyone else around you get to you. Even if you're popular, it doesn't make things any different. Respect yourself first, treat yourself right and only do what you're comfortable with.
    By reading this it sounds like you've got way too much pressure from your peers. Also, just because it's expected in a relationship, doesn't mean it has to be right away. Take your time to get to know this new girl, find out what she wants (she could want to wait, who knows) and really have a talk about it if you're curious.
    You should never rush into anything you're not ready for, that's how regrets develop, especially when others are trying to talk and push us into things.
    Your relationship with this girl is between you two only. If you want to be intimate, do so. If not, then don't. It's between you two, and it's your private life that not everyone needs to know about.
    Take your time, date for a while and see where it goes.


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  • Do whatever makes you both comfortable. Fuck the status quo. A lot of people believe that high school is the time for messing around and just having sex, but if you and your partner both respect each other and don't do things you are uncomfortable with, it can turn into a great relationship.

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