Have you ever confessed to someone who already had a boyfriend/girlfriend? what happened?

Have you ever confessed to someone who already had a boyfriend/girlfriend? what happened?
My crush has a girlfriend but I feel like confessing anyway...

There is this guy I met at uni, he's a friend of friends and we take dance classes together. Actually I don't know him much but I really felt like I liked him the moment he walk in. We have get along well and have nice talks, and I was kinda making plans and looking for hints that he might be interested in me too. Up to the point that I somehow convinced myself that he was.
But funny thing, we became fb friends lately and oh surprise he has a girlfriend. And I feel so down.

Before that I was thinking of telling him that I liked him (I'm the type of girl that like to do the first step ahah). But now I don't know anymore. I mean obviously he's going to reject me. But I feel like I really need him to know it. Just in case you know... I'm not so much afraid of loosing him as friend, because I like him as a man and not a friend.
But I'm not sure if I should do it, by respect for his girlfriend and their couple. I'm mean, I'm also afraid of the scenario where (I know I'm dreaming, BUT) he breaks up with her because of me, but whatever happens after that he still loves her and I am the one who ruined everything.

Help me guys I need your advices. Have you confessed to so who was already dating so else before?
What happened? Did you regret it?
Should I open my heart no matter what and confess, or shut it up and try to moove on?

Thanks a lot !!
And forgive my English, merci !!! :D :D

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  • There is no need for advice if he leave his girl to be with you then what makes you think he won't leave you to be another girl. Your playing with your own emotions and none of this stuff make sense.

    • Absolutely nothing. But if he wants to be with another girl then he should, I don't want him to be with me if he doesn't want to me with me. But if there is the slightest chance that he does, then isn't it worth the risk? that's why I'm asking for experiences :)

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    • Ahah damn it, then I won't try I like cookies more

    • Lmfao!! I'm weak😂

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  • If you want to tell him, then go ahead and tell him! It's what you want and you feel like he should know! There's really nothing for you to lose in doing this, you said that young don't really see him as a friend anyways! So just go for it! :) I'm with you 110% :)