Is it dead or still can I have a chance?

Hello, there's a girl in my university that I've been attracted to for a while, and we have a class in common this senester.

Thus, on Friday October 28 I asked her if she would like to have a drink then she says that she already got plans.

Then, on wedneday November 09 I asked her while being surrounded by friends that we have in common if she has something to do after work. From there I told her that lets do something then, and she said to text her.

So, I texted her and did the small talk then I told her lets have a drink. She asked who's going to be there, so I clearly told her that the other guys have things to do so [you're] left out with me. She said that she prefers that there are more people and so on. I told her that I won't bite her if we had a drink. She replied that she got plans to bird hunting, so she has to sleep early. This was not a lie since she has sent in a group conversation where also I am included, pictures of the birds she has shot..
[Bird Hunting is legal where I live unfortunately]

I don't want to accept that she rejected me, nevertheless I guess she rejected me twice.. or am I misinterpreting things?

Could you guys tell me if there's still a chance to make it work or is she simply flaking?

Looking forward to your answers,

Best Regards
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Guys, girls I would appreciate your opinions. Don't be shy and say what comes to your mind.

I want to know what I'm going through, thank you.
Is it dead or still can I have a chance?
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