Is he playing with me? Or is interested but shy?

There is a guy in my lab class and we meet each other once a week. It's been 3 months now and we just ALWAYS look at each other when we get the chance to but we don't talk. Now last week he stood right behind me and smiled when I turned around. Like usual, he would stay close proximity to me. He seemed a lot friendlier and more approachable.
I dressed up a bit today to impress him (I usually just wear jeans and sneakers). But today he simply just looked at me but didn't smile. His eyes seems so cold. Again he stayed around me and even "waited" for me (he finished the lab waaay before me) but didn't even say a word. I had to leave first because he was stalling for too long.
Now... I'm afraid to even smile at him... let alone say hi because of he doesn't smile when he stares at me. Our eyes do meet for longer than 2 seconds... just no smile. lol
He confuses the heck out of me. Like is he just trying to play around with me? Or does he maybe like me? Ugh... please help!


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  • he is shy


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  • You need to converse more with him in order to be sure of his intentions towards you.