She told me about having a first love and it tore me apart. Is there any hope left?

I met this really pretty girl. She told me that she never had a boyfriend, and I thought to myself that I could be her first love. I am in my early 20s too, and I never had a girlfriend. I can say that I never had my first love.

Later, she disclosed to me that she had something going with this guy that lasted about a year. They were never official, but she said

"I loved him, in that I cared about him very deeply and wanted the best for him and I always thought of him above myself. And he ended up hurting me really bad."

When I found this out, it left me completely devistated. I just felt like giving up on life. I have nearly smoked double the cigs I normally smoke. It is really bothering me and really stressing me out.

Nothing is going to happen between us anyways, but it made me realize there is no hope left in finding a girl who has never had her first love. I feel like I will never be able to be a girl's first love.

It is now DAY 3 and I am still upset over it


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  • You never know. Many girls these days I find have not had a first love or are waiting on their career. You might find someone who has never had a boyfreind before. However with those girls I find that they don't want one. They feel happy single and will reject a guy that wants to date them.

    • She technically never had a boyfriend before, not officially that is. But she did have this bond with a guy that she claims lasted a year. To me, that still counts.

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    • Thanks for mho

    • Np

      To answer your question, no she does not want to be friends with me.

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  • Nope. You should give up.

    • Are you serious?

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    • But love is different after the first love. The feeling of love is not as new. She has experienced heartbreak before.

      With first love, you have nothing to compare it to. With second love, you do.

      And the hypothetical situation exists, "what if she can reunite with her first love and they can say they were meant for each other after all these years and makeup for the broken heart and the mistakes and be each other's first AND last?"

    • Tell that to the people who lost their spouses to cancer, disease, and other causes of death. I am happy for those who are able to find love again after being a widow/widower.

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  • Neither was I, I was never their first but you can be their last.

    • But what if he can be her first AND her last. That is better than just a last.

    • He is 22, he is to young to be their first and last.

    • But she will always have a sweet spot in her heart for him and the love will not be as new and she has someone to compare me to.

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