When a man asks you to open up emotionally?

he brought up the topic, he asked me if I wanted to talk about anything, including us? i didn't know what to say so I stood quiet. he was persistent and I finally said 'I cared about him'. later on that night he acknowledged we both had feelings for each other.

I'm not really knowledgeable in the dating scene. I've only dated 2 people who've always taken the lead so my question is...

why does he want me to open up emotionally?
do you think he wants me top open up to find out if I have feelings for him?
is this something guys do to girls they have feelings for or is he trying to gain an ego booster?


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  • He wants to know if you're worth it for him to emotionally invest in you as well. He's trying to find out if you are really into him.


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  • maybe but think thats a two way street also?

    • he's already opened up to me emotionally before.

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    • very true. thank you

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