Does he like me?

these are some of the things he does: he texts goodnight with a heart emoji every day even if i don't respond cause I'm sleeping hehe, he has said various compliments such as your quite pretty, you're absolutely amazing, you mean a lot to me, maybe more than you know, you make me very happy. When we have a holiday of 5 days or so he says i missed you and when i come over he says can't wait to see you and after i left his house he once said i brighten up the day for him. He asks me over every single weekend and our hang outs in and out of school are 98% of the time with only him with no one else. He sits next to me in class and when he makes eye contact with me, he holds it and I'm the first to look away. He texts me everyday even if I've seen him at school or after we hang out. My friend asked him if he liked me and he replied"Maybe, but don't tell anyone, okay". and at times send good morning texts.


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  • Yes I would say he likes you hahaha

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