Is this guy falling for me?

I've been talking to a guy I met online for a month now - we both live a busy schedule, so we haven't met yet.

He always texts me, the majority of the time, he initiates conversation - he sends me good morning and good night messages. Recently, he texted me "just dropping you a text to let you know that you are on my mind time to time", this was from not talking to him for a day. I was quite surprised as we haven't physically met yet. Honestly, I was going to cut him off because I didn't like that we were just texting, that was before he sent me the "I'm on his mind text"

So, I've started to initiate a few more conversations and put a bit more effort from my side, and now he shares good news that has happened at work, talks a bit more about his work life and sometimes if he is going home from a late night at work, he would text me at midnight with "in a taxi going home now!" and generally updates me what he is doing like "i showered, in bed and going to sleep now".

Would you say this guy is falling for me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Falling too hard by the sounds of things. And the fact he hasn't asked you out yet and it's been a month tells me he isn't a particularly confident guy who goes for what he wants. Like he's waiting for strong signals from you rather than just assuming you like him. Busy lives or not, he should have been able to arrange a meet by now.


What Girls Said 1

  • I definitely think that he is interested in you, but I would wait until you meet in person before deciding that. Sometimes you don't get along as well in "real life" as you do online, but I'm not predicting that that's what will happen!!
    Does he ask you ask you questions about your life? :)

    • Yeah, he would ask how I am, how's my day been and he hopes my day was good. I would tell him anything good that has happened during my day too, so in a way there is a two way communication. I'm very open with my thoughts and he likes that. I do agree, we could get along online, but in person, it could be different. Let's hope we do get along in person as well!