Should I drop him?

Should I drop him? I have been hanging out with a guy I really like for almost 2 months now, we have sleepovers about 2-3 times a week (were in college very normal) and we talk about everyday via snapchat. we get along really well when we hangout and I've developed a large crush on him, which I haven't had since my last boyfriend over a year ago. He's told me he likes me, and I've let him know I'm interested in him as well.. but last night at a party with a group of all our friends he was acting extremely douchey, he wouldn't really talk to me/ flirting with other girls in front of me. When he did talk to me he was just kind of rude to me, so I was giving him a little attitude, and then when he introduced me to another guy randomly he used a nickname of mine from another friend group that wasn't even his to call me by.. also he was texting *someone* the entire time.. suspect. ps. he was vverryy drunk. I got upset and left, and he texted me later saying hey, then we when I eventually had to ask to hangout (bc he didn't?) he told me he wasn't home and wouldn't be going home that night.. he was sleeping at our friends house because he was so drunk, but still annoying. (we also aren't engaging in sex, just kissing.) Do you think he likes me and was just very drunk, or is he just a douche and leading me on? I really don't know. help!
Should I drop him?
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