How does this woman feel about the two guys that is interested in being more than friends with her at the same time?

There was a girl act this way towards me
1) This girl gave me a personal phone number asking to call me with a smiley face emoji
2) She would see me and smile at me.
3) She would say she was stalking me saying it's been a while
4) Has offered to make me coffee and buy me candy
5) Sat next to her and she asked me where I lived.
6) When she met me a store, she jumped and screamed my name

At the same time, this guy I know said he was in love with her and said she would be the perfect wife
I never witness how they interact in person but he would go visit her often at work.
1) I asked her to contact him to ask a work related question over chat and he told her over chat he will do anything for her and she sent him a smiley face emoji right in front of me
2) He reached out to hug her and she hugged him with one foot up and kissed him on the cheek.
3) He said she would be all cheerful when he was coming around and smile
4) Asked him to be feel free to call her work number
5) Said it was nice speaking to him
6) Contacts him over phone, email and chat

How does she feel about both of us?


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  • Hm where are you from? Because kissing someone on the cheek isn't normal here unless you're dating them haha. I'm guessing she likes both of you equally right now.


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  • I met a girl like that
    she want both.

  • Keep them both hanging around like dogs...