My best friend is trying to set up another one of my best friends with my girlfriend -- what do I do?

So my girlfriend (let's call her M) and I have been going out for about three months now, and things have been great. However, my best friend/first-cousin (Z) is really irritating me with how he's being about the whole thing. One of our friends (let's call him C), who happens to like M, has talked to Z about how he likes M, but he's only met her once. Long story short, Z keeps trying to plan stuff where both M and C are invited. Like, I'm not typically the jealous type, but he knows that I wouldn't like it - he never tells me about these plans; M usually tells me that she was invited. M has never been able to make it to any of the parties or movies, but there's one today, and I think she's going. We've been going out for a bit, and I know she's serious about things with me, but it's still annoying. She's totally in the dark on the whole thing, so she doesn't think anything of it. What do I do? I've never talked to Z about how it's frustrating to me as his best friend that he's trying to pretty much set M and C up, knowing how strongly I feel about her. I feel like I should just drop it, because I'm being jealous, but I just expect more from him.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm confused... Are you and this girl officially in a relationship with a label, or still talking?
    And, is this cousin trying to set her up on dates with another guy knowing she is your girlfriend, or is he just trying to help her make a new friend that happens to be a dude?

    • It's still in the early stages, but we've gone on several dates, met each others' family, and talked about where things could go.
      I don't know. It's like he knows that our friend likes M, but whenever I mention anything about the guy liking her, I get the "Dude, chill out" type of shit. The one time I actually asked about one of the plans, he acted like he didn't have anything planned for that evening until I specifically asked him about the plan; he always makes sure that I don't hear about it.

    • So put a label on it? At the very least, ask her what she wants.

What Guys Said 2

  • Tell your "best friend" to back off already, he's totally out of line. Seriously you should confront both guys.

  • Grab your best friend by the pussy.