Is this girl still interested?

So I met this girl via mutual friends 2 weeks ago and she kept looking at me when I wasn't looking her way.

Then a week later she was avoiding me when we got together (in a group) but when I spoke to her she seemed nervous and friendly.

I thought she was interested.

Then I saw her like 5 minutes ago outside the library while smoking and we said hi and spoke for like 5 minutes.

She didn't seem as interested as last time but asked me questions like where were you studying before and what's there to do in this city and nearby (she's international).

I coudnt ask her out couple of weeks ago but now I can. But is she still interested? Seemed like she kinda lost interest that I didn't ask her out?


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  • Try it out before it get too late. I'm telling you with experience. I lost several chances not being on time. Only way you can know this is asking her out. Just do it since you said you have guts now... :D

  • women want what you want, if you feel she's not interested chances are that's what you will get.

    • I feel like she's fissapointed I didn't ask her out

    • just try.. you have nothing to lose, since you never gained anything