Why do people catfish when it comes to online dating?

This isn't the first time this has happened but last night I met a girl off POF who added me on facebook and snapchat. She has a good personality and we have things in common. She looked really cute from her pictures and they weren't at MySpace angles or outdated. She would send current pics, not that I requested them.

But when I met her at the bar last night she was definitely a little heavier, not obese, and had a double chin. I hardly recognized her once she came up to me in the bar and it put me in awkward position because when she came up to me, I couldn't help but think you didn't look like that in the pics, and she could tell it in my face. I told her I didn't recognize her due to the glasses because she's never worn them in her pics but I was still a little disappointed.

Now she was cool but I'm wondering why do people catfish with their appearance like that only to make the person they mislead feel guilty?

I mean I don't shame anyone for their appearance nor should someone but I don't think anyone should feel guilty for not being attracted to someone, especially when the person misrepresented themselves. How do you know who will really like you the way you are if you mislead people? People will like what you have or they won't. Not that appearance is everything but it still matters.
Why do people catfish when it comes to online dating?
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