Actions vs words, interest vs disinterest?

In person: nice, smiles all the time, asks how I am, whenever we talk he's usually nervous and makes funny jokes, opens up, seems super interested, remembers things I've told him from months ago and makes really good eye contact. Which is a lot since he's normally a super shy person.

not in person:
asked him to attend a social event I was fundraising at once he said he was busy prior to asking him and he never showed
asked him if I could borrow a ride to the gym, he said he might be going at a different time but would let me know, later he messaged me saying he needed to study on his break with some class mates so he couldn't drive me... sorry!!

we always see each other everywhere I have mentioned a possible hangout and he said he would let me know. Should i forget about it and move on, should I start being flirty, let him come to me and back off? My friends think he blew me off with the ride To the gym in which he was in the school legit studying I was there too since I didn't have a ride to the gym... I don't know :/


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  • I'd not worry about it.


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  • Be straight up and say you think he's sexy. Lol and add some flirty actions to it! 😏