Girls, best first message you ever had from online dating?


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  • Hi, how are you?

    We have a few things in common, I love writing as well (sounds geeky but I used to write my own graphic novel a few years ago) I also love drawing & painting. I know exactly how you feel about call centres believe me. You seem really smart, witty and really cute, I'd really like a chance to chat with you :)

    (yes, i saved our entire chat log. and we're still together, 2 years later)

    this message showed that he 1) read my profile and 2) cared about getting to know me as a person. of the hundreds of messages i received, this is the only one that held my attention.

    • a lot of profiles you don't get much info and by what he wrote it sounds like you had already done some leg work to explain what you liked and not liked. It's not always the case.
      Happy you guys are still together after 2 years.

    • yeah, i was pretty open (on the profile) about what i was and wasn't looking for in a relationship.

      2 years down, and a lifetime to go~ thanks, and good luck to you (if you're looking).

    • Good luck to you too

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