Is she Interested?

(this is kinda long so sorry in advance but i really like this girl and could use some outside perspective)

At the start of my senior year I walked into my french 3 class for the first time then out of nowhere this really cute girl sits in the row across from me. I wanted to get to know her better so I started talking to her and eventually got her snapchat. then election night rolls around and it's also her birthday so I sent her a happy birthday snap (this was my second time trying to snap her first try was some time ago). 3 days later she responds and says she broke her phone (which if memory serves me correctly she was using it in class when it was "broken" so I have a hunch that it was more of an excuse than anything else also her snap score is 100k+ so it's not likely she just now noticed it) we had a short back and forth but stopped after about 2 snaps (it was getting late my guess is she fell asleep) and she opened the last snap I sent that night this afternoon without a response. I'm curious about her and she seems friendly in class. I'm not used to going after girls as they normally do the work for me (I've always been the one getting approached not normally the other way around) it should be noted that she's a sophomore and I play on the school baseball team and I'm tall (6'4") and I don't think I'm ugly at all. It doesn't add up to me why is she so friendly and always ready to talk to me in class and yet she's so unresponsive to me? And what do you think I should I do? Should I keep trying to snap her?
Is she Interested?
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