Who do you call when you are upset? friends, family, etc? Confused about a guys behavior.

Details: At first, I thought this guy liked me. We chatted over text/phone calls almost everyday for a couple of months. However, every time I tried to set something, he backed out. I accepted that and was ready to move on. Recently, he's had two majorly upsetting events in his life and has contacted me both times as they were happening. What I can't figure out is why... Help me out here, please. I accepted the fact that I was a text/talk buddy and nothing more. I didn't really consider us great friends since we weren't having many real life interactions. This guy has a ton of friends and family so I don't understand why he would chose to tell me this stuff. It's not like I am anonymous. I know most of his friends and see him in passing about once a week (but we don't get to talk much in person).


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  • my friend since 7th grade or I talk about it on a forum I go to lol.

    you can have a lot of "friends" but still feel alone, maybe this guy senses that you're easy to talk to and nonjudmental?

    • ;) Understand the forum option well. lol.

      Ah. Didn't think about that. Thanks.

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  • I call mister miller and 29 of his friends.


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