What are his intentions?

I hungout with this guy I've been texting for two weeks for the first time. Our original plans kind of fell through but he made an effort for me to hangout with him. He invited me to come hangout with his friends at their favorite bar. He spent the first hour just talking to me and then we joined his friends. He bought my drinks and stood by me the whole time, keeping conversation with me. My drive home was kind of far so he offered to follow me home in his car so he knew I made it safe since I had some drinks. We ended up having sex and afterwards he cuddled me the whole night and slept over. The next morning he cuddled and stayed in bed with me, kissing my forehead and holding my hand, and had me wrapped up in his chest, until I had to get up to get ready to be somewhere. He pulled me into a hug and kissed me goodbye. He's not a huge texter to begin with so we talked a little today and he sent me a couple snapchats. does it seem he is starting to be into me/like me
What are his intentions?
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