Boyfriend does not know what are my good points?

When I ask my boyfriend what he likes about me, he says this...

bf: "u ask me what i like about u, i also dunno"

I've been tgt with him for 7mths, why doesn't he know what are my good points? Can someone try to decipher what is he thinking and why is he saying this?


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  • Perhaps you should put it to him this way. If he can't identify your good points then why is he with you? What does he get from being with you if he can't think of anything good about you? Is he just doing you a favour? Is it charity? Is he in it for the sex? If he enjoys being with you then there must be a reason. What does he enjoy about being with you? Do you make him happy? Does he find you interesting? Does he like your smile? Your hair? Your body? There has to be something that he likes, otherwise he is just wasting his time and yours too.

    • i have no idea man. whenever i wanna go out with him, he will put me first. i asked him about what he feel about me, he say he feels that we r ok, there's nth wrong with us because whenever we hang out tgt we are always happy. But I don't know whether is he really happy, being true to himself or what. Now i feel that he isn't being honest with himself. i have a brain thinking 2 ways in this rs: one, there's sth missing, second, there's nth wrong. I'm also in confusion.

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  • Sounds like a bit of an idiot to be honest. Even if he couldn't think of anything, he could've just made something up.


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  • he is so lost in your love that he can't explain his feelings for you

    • I really hope he feels the way like what u said, apparently my instincts tell me that they're not... a while later he said i am impt, next moment he said he's tired of everything and wants to be alone. argh i hate mind games.

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    • Soz I can't tag you in my replies

    • thank you!

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