I have no ide whats going on?

Over the last two weeks this girl i was hanging out with stopped talking to me we both work together and we've been friends for awhile and while i have feelings for her i've never pressured her for anything today i was going to talk to her when she got out of work and instead she looked at me and kept on walking so i asked our friend who she's always talking to why she's acting like this and he said that she said that she needs a break from the friendship because of my feelings for her so i texted her confronting her about because i've got nothing else to lose and she says she never said that and she never said she didn't want to be friends and that she very stressed out with life and isn't hanging out with anyone why am i getting two different stories i was close with her and she was close with my family and she distanced herself from me without a reason so why am i being lied to and made out to be the bad guy
I have no ide whats going on?
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