What's his deal?

I met this guy on an online dating site. We went on a date a week after. After the date he dropped me home and I didn't hear from him that day. I texted him good morning the following day. His responses were very limited and different from the other days. We had plans for the next day so I texted him to just confirm. He flopped on me. It bothered me so I just stopped contacting. He texted me 3 days later and then I replied and asked him a question. He didn't answer for 3 days. So I didn't even bother responding. Today after 2 days he messaged me and he is actually talking. He wants to take me out for lunch tomorrow. But then I also feel that he will cancel this as well at the last minute. I'm really confused. Like why is he being so weird?
I haven't dated in a year and my breakup from last relationship was horrible. I cannot deal with his behaviour. This is some kind of stress I don't want to worry about.
What's his deal?
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