How do I get my child hood crush?

Ok i knew this guy since 4th grade and I always liked him he lived up the street from me. My brother, him, my other friend and I played basketball together outside everyday or to play on the trampoline i used to have when we were younger. My parents love him, he stayed at my house a lot (him and my brother are close), I Met his family etc etc. Lets ffwd time now we are in highschool he moved before school started but he's not far he now goes to a different school I miss him a lot... we text every now and then but I care about him a lot and he knows that i got his back through everything but I dont want to tell him I like him im afraid to what he might say we had a great bond and now we dont talk as much anymore. he's always been like a brother and I've been like a sister to him but i always wanted it to be more than that. he's truly the only guy i want.. My bestfriend tells me that one day we'll get together and that maybe a possibility but im not so sure about it.. can anybody give me advice on what i should do? :\
How do I get my child hood crush?
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