My boss said he's in the love with the girl I have a crush on. How do you think the girl feels about us two?

1) This girl gave me a personal cell phone number asking to please call her with a smiley face emoji
She gave me personal cell number but I ended up calling her 5 days later as I thought she gave to me for work related purposes. She ended being upset and we stopped talking. Months later, she sent me an email saying Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face
2) She would smile at me.
3) She would say she was stalking me saying it’s been a while after a vacation
4) Has offered to make me coffee and buy me candy
5) Sat right next to her and she asked me where I lived and we talked.
6) When she met me a store, she jumped and screamed my name

The girl first found out my boss when I labeled in my email signature that he’s my manager so she searched him up and contacts him.

He mentioned he’s in love with her and says he would go visit her/
1) I asked her to contact him to ask a work related question over chat so she sent him a chat and he told her over chat he will do anything for her and she sent him a smiley face emoji and smiled when I was standing next to her.
2) He reached out to hug her and she hugged him with one leg up and he reached out for a kiss and she kissed him on the cheek.
3) He said she would be all cheerful when he was coming around and smile at her. He said to her that she had the most beautiful smile.
4) Asked him to be feel free to call her work number
5) Said it was nice speaking to him
6) Contacts him over work phone, email and chat


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  • She may have a crush on you. I mean from my perspective I don't think girls like dating their bosses, I mean it's weird, but co workers would definitely be good

    • The boss is my boss

    • I know that's why I said co workers are better

    • Its not her boss.
      How does she feel about us two

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think we're talking about a girl who goes rose on every guy. She might be super friendly with guys and that could just be her nature. She might like either one of you, but you can't say for sure unless of course you give her an obvious sign that you like her such as telling her. But kissing him? did that happen in front of you or what?


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  • sounds like she is playing


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  • I think she also had a crush on u but u are a bit slow

  • Thats u or your boss bruh.. be hurry or it will be your boss who will get into her pants.