What are guys really looking for?

i can't seem to meet guys anywhere. I am hesitant to approach the guy and make the first move, so I'm waiting for a guy to approach me. I will make the first move if I know for sure he is interested in me.
I work kinda a lot and go to the gym often, so not sure where I can meet a guy. I'm not about to date a coworker either. But what am I doing wrong. Do guys like girls to be all girly with heels and a dress and makeup? Or do they prefer casual jeans and top? Do you guys want to be hit on? I need advice here. I've been single for over a year. I really don't mind it, but sometimes I miss being in a relationship. I don't get hit on, talked too, approached, nothing. I know I'm not fat or ugly, I am a bit quiet at first. Can anyone help?
What are guys really looking for?
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