Did I mess things up with this guy because I was insensitive? Did I come off as selfish or something?

This guy and I had plans to go out. He had cancelled on me twice before and we haven't ever met in person. So we had plans this weekend and hours before we were to meet he sent me a long message apologizing and said he had an unforeseen event come up because his best friend is checking into rehab. I honestly was super fed up he cancelled a third time, and I just had responded um okay no problem, would Sunday work for you then? And then I said or next weekend works for me too I'm open for whatever. And then he never responded back. My friend said I messed up and should have asked how his friend was doing and I came off as selfish or like I didn't care about him or his friend. Did I mess up? Does it even matter?

  • Yes you messed up
  • No you didn't / doesn't matter
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He said his friend was checking into rehab the following day and he needed to help him the night before **


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  • You didn't. I'd probably be pissed that he cancelled on me again if I were you. Too many excuses. Waste of time.


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  • No, you didn't. He's just not interested and he's wasting your time.

  • Yeah you did