Ex deleted me on snapchat after a month of full NC?

Broken up for a few months, full no contact for a month now. Things didn't end badly between us at all. It was more of distance and stupidity got in the way and things just trailed off, no one ever said "hey I don't care for you anymore" or "hey I don't wan to do this anymore". The moment we broke up I stopped looking at his snapchat, he on the other hand kept looking at mine. Eventually he stopped but then looked one day and that was the same day he contacted me and we talked. He went back to not looking at my snapchat. 10 days after he contacted me I reached out to him but he completely ignored me. The very next day I blocked his phone calls and texts. This was a month ago.

Now, just Tuesday I saw that he posted something so we were clearly still friends (didn't open and look at it though). I posted stuff about the election on Wednesday and I went out this weekend which I snapped about and posted a selfie today. I went to go add a new friend with his same name and that's when I realized he deleted me.

I obviously still care about him and thought I was getting along well during this breakup/NC but this just set me back a bit :/

Just hurts to know he either just doesn't care and or wants me out of his life for good...
Ex deleted me on snapchat after a month of full NC?
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