I'm ready to start dating again?

4 years ago I was in a relationship, I had never been in one before this. It lasted just over 2 years and then I went straight into a new one. This one lasted 1 year 4 months. So I've been single for around 6-7 months now. I've taken the time to be single and now I feel ready to start dating again. I met up with a guy through Tinder a few weeks ago and we've met up again, talking in between. But last night I met another guy in a club and we started talking and ended up kissing a lot. I think I quite like him and want to at least see about us. I don't know how to still be nice to the first guy but not hurt him?


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  • you can't be nice that's the whole point.. and am pretty sure his hopes weren't so hight since you know he probably wasn't just chatting with only you on tinder... but you can have him as a spare that's a really sick act if you asked me

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    • Guess that's your opinion but I wouldn't count that as a date haha

    • 😌 don't say i didn't warn you

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  • You need to straight up tell him that you met someone else. Do not string him along.