If you wanted to date a Woman who liked you but wanted time to find out more who she is before dating anyone, would you give her a chance later?

If you really liked someone and she really liked you but she was not ready to date because she wanted to grow more as a person son her own -not bc she wanted top date around- and a year later she was ready to date, would you give her a chance if you were single, or do you move on for good if someone isn't ready when you are?

(reverse question to 'he' if you are heterosexual woman or gay man.)


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  • If I was still single maybe

    • what would sway you one way or the other?

    • If she was sincere about wanting the same as me and willing to give us a try

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  • I probably would have moved on, and won't be making the first move. She'll have to approach me as a reminder xD

    • didn't i say if she was interested a year later, thought i did:)

      of course i meant if she asked you out.

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    • ok, thanks :)

    • You are welcome!

  • It would be a no for me simply just due to the fact that a lot can still happen in a limited amount of time and also they may not be then same person after the change also

    • im asking in the case you still like them.. like you've been friends inbetween and you're still into them?

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    • Pretty much yeah

    • :-)


  • I don't think so. It would be uncertain. If time and attraction is there why not


    • So.. you would if you were still interested, but you don't think you would be?

      do you mean you are uncertain now thinking of it, or, you wouldn't trust them in that situation.

    • I mean if the element of attraction is there still , I would definitely

    • ok, thanks.

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  • A year is a long time and feelings of attraction can change.

    If I were in this situation, I would probably say, "sure," at first. Then, if you can keep in contact with me throughout the year, I would probably still be up for that chance if I didn't find someone else in that time.
    However, if you completely broke off contact and expected me to still be up for it after a year, it probably won't happen simply because my attraction for you disappeared or I already found someone else in the meantime.

    • asking someone out has nothing to do with 'expectation' its a question bc the person on the other side does not know,. and the question was if you were single. i'm also asking based on you still being attracted,

      it's about giving them a chance if you still liked them. bc a lot of people just won't on principal.

    • If after a year, I was still single and attracted, then yeah I would probably give them a chance. If any of the variables changed, I probably wouldn't go for it because I would be either in a relationship or not attracted anymore.

    • right ok thanks :)