Guys always seem to lose interest, is it me?

Im trying to assume, but its hard not to assume that the guy i am talking to isn't as interested anymore. This happens quite a lot, we'll meet and after the first date they still text me and seems very interested in me.. Then after maybe a week or so i dont hear from them anymore.

With the guy i am, or was (?) talking to the same things seemd to happen. He contact me, after 3 days of texting we met, it went well, he wanted to see me again, gave me a hug, he texted me right after the date, the next day and i got the impression he was interested. But this weekend he seems to use a lot more time answering than usual. usually he gives me a reason to why he doesn't answer straight away, but espeically today it has taken him a lot of time to reply, so in my mind he has lost interest.

Im not sure if its me or if they met someone else, or if he is really just busy and hasn't had time to get back to me. It always happens, and i dont understand why, am i really that horrible or boring of a person? Is it me?


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  • If you want to see him maybe try setting up the second date yourself. I know for me personally I hate setting up all of the dates. If I text you right after the first date and text you in the days following, I'm interested in you.

    He might also be busy so isn't responding right away. At least he is responding so don't read too much into it until you ask him out

    • The things is i wouldn't really mind asking him out, but the fact that he uses so much time answering gives me the signal that he isn't interested, and i dont want to ask a guy out who has lost interest. At this point, for me to still belive he is interested he has to ask me out..

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    • That is a long time - I think you either ask him out prepare to move on. And if you do have to move on that's ok - its pretty common and there are lots of guys out there you'll get to meet

    • im moving on, no point in investing energy in someone who doesn't take 5 sec to answer to a simple text

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  • It's not you, just haven't found the right guy or the right guy hasn't found you yet :)

    • people keep saying that, but it happens a lot and its usually so early, it would have made more sense if we went on a second date and they didn't like me, but often it doesn't even get to that point, i never really got a chance

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    • im trying to, but i just want to date and experiment. Im young, but getting a date with someone im interested in seems to be impossible. It happens to rarely, i think thats why i put so much importance in a guy when i do meet someone i like, and seems to like me. And with this guy i dont really feel like i am settling, expect from maybe the fact hat he uses so much time responding. He has a lot oft he thing i look for in a guy. On top of that since he showed so much interest in the beginning, the "downfall" is way worse than if he didn't shown as much interest

    • I can understand that. I would ask him if he is busy. Maybe he is working more or maybe he doesn't think you are interested. Try to see. Some guys are very strong in pursuing, some are not so much. I would try to see where he is at with you and go from there.