Emotional abuser made me feel bad at grandfathers death?

my exs sister told me her brother was narcissistic, emotional abuser, and manipulating. I constantly gave him money, put things in hs house and gave him money refinance his house. My grandfather passed and he didn't understand how hard it was for me. He said i blew him off but i was being with my family.. he told me it wasn't all about me, that i was mean, he lied that he canceled our trip but didn't, he told me he changed the codes to the house then wanted me over. Its been almost a month before i told him that i was done. He insisted i was mean but he told me that he was going to keep the hotel to fuck somone or his ex. He did this to hit every insecurity i had. I want him to call but i feel like im at fault


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  • I know how you feel. My ex was a narc too. You get manipulated by them and feel guilty and responsible all the time. But read this very carefully.

    You did nothing wrong. You do not have to feel bad or guilty. If you do not want to have contact with him, you do not have to. Love yourself and treat yourself with the respect he wouldn't.

    Best of luck xx

    • Do they ever fel the pain? If i broke it off with him will he be back?

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    • Nope. Usually they will deny deny deny and then once they realise that you know what they truly are they will attack you and point out all your flaws. Sometimes they will go around spreading rumours about you to your friends and family, they will play the victim of course "oh she is crazy, she needs help, it was so hard to love her" blah blah blah

    • Then they dont because they got called out.. like i told him his sister told me he waa a narc emotional abuser and manipulating