Should I just forget about this guy? Or should this be a special case and hold out?

I met a guy online 4 weeks ago, we haven't met because we have a busy schedule, but we have been texting whenever we have a chance to. He initiates all the conversations we have had, I have only initiated three times. At one point, I was going to cut him off because I felt it would never work because we are both busy, and even though I already mentioned that we should meet soon, we haven't yet.

He keeps 'dropping' me text messages, he feels that us talking is going good so far. Once, we didn't text for a day, and he sent me this "just dropping you a text to let you know that you are on my mind time to time", he shares good news that has happened to him at work and would say that he wanted to share the happy stuff with me, and that he is happy as long as i am happy too.

We didn't message this weekend, as he was unwell, so I thought I better not bother him. But before Sunday ended, he sent me this message "hope you had a good weekend, Sarah". I was a bit under the weather this weekend so just resting mainly" and when i told him I didn't want to bother him, he was "aww thanks for the nice thought, i'm gonna have an early night, just I thought I drop you a message before the hectic week begins... again"

He's a lawyer... but I don't understand this "dropping me a text" , I feel he is interested, yet not at the same time because we haven't met, and to me it's just a bunch of words on a screen. He already said that he thinks that it is a good start for us as our schedules are similar and that I will understand. But I'm starting to get a bit impatient now... Should I just forget about this guy? Or give it an exception, and that this guy is interested, just he really is THAT busy?


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  • The ONLY person who has shown disinterest in this whole thing is you. Forget him if you want, but you cannot blame him.

    It's not hard to ask him straight up when his next free day is and arrange a date.

    • He initiates every conversation, texts you when he's unwell, texts you now and again just to tell you he's thinking about you... and gets nothing back it seems since you don't initiate any conversations yourself. Interest is a two way street, I wouldn't ask a girl out if I got no feedback either.

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  • Maybe you need to hang out together before for at least once before deciding if you want to keep talking to him or not.