Hook ups ettiquette?

I was with a girl for 8 months we aren't together now but had an amicable break up. She is probably the sweetest most unselfish person I've ever met. Such a sweetheart.
Anyway recently she told me that in her past she hooked up with a couple dudes who got up without a fuckin word and left, never seen or heard from again. To me that's possibly the rudest thing I've ever fuckin heard. I get it if you're just hooking up and both parties are aware of this its okay to never call but to not at least say "I had fun thanks, you take care now." like i mentioned people need to be AWARE, that means if you charm your way into her god damn pants you need to charm your fuckin self out the door with the utmost delicacy.
I also talked to another girl friend who had the opposite experience where she was asked to leave after.
I hook up a lot and people think because of some of my behavior I'm a dick but I'd never do this. Id never gt up and leave unless asked. 1 because I like to sleep after and 2 because its also fucked up to me.
Also if a woman is Good enough to have sex with me i also feel like you're good enough to get a good nights sleep in my bed you just put out in (feels like a damn cloud laced in alpacas fur by the way), use my shower, soap, and groceries as you see fit at least for 12 hours. Take a coffee cup I don't give a shit just seems like ettiquette to me. Weddings have it sports have it, the military even has ettiquette for killing people, everything has it including hook ups.
What do you think?, oh and hey keep this shit classy no shit talking necessary.


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  • Depends on the people, if it was someone I enjoyed hanging out with and could have a laugh with then I'd stay the night and head out pretty early. Probably more a friends with benefits scenario..
    If it was a one night stand I'd leave after a cuddle

    • This was a zero cuddle no words prompt exit

    • That's sad 😕 Feels like a pump and dump.
      There is no reason casual sex can't be respectful and fun. I've never had an experience like your lady friends so hopefully they come across some better guys.
      You're definitely on the right track though

    • It is sad, makes me angry. Its no wonder why dating these days sucks

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  • I am not sure. I mean, I was never into the one-night stands thing, so I have never really thought about it. However, what you described sounds humane, therefore I guess I can agree with that. *shrugs*


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  • That makes a ton of sense