Long distance hearts confused?

My heart and mind are at war... so almost 2 months ago I started talking to this guy online and immediately we vibed. About a month later I went to go see him everything was great. Prior to meeting we talked all the time literally almost 24/7. I told him my previous experiences I've been through and don't wanna go through again in case things did go another step. Anyway about 2 weeks after us meeting things seemed to change on his end. All the consistency and talking 24/7 went out the window. It's been a little over a month since I've seen him and we barely talk. He texts me less than 10 times a day and just disappears.. he says he's either sick, working, gym or sleeping. When I tell him my gut instincts on how I feel he calls me crazy and tells me that me telling him how I feel when I speak my mind makes him uncomfortable. He says he wants to be with me and "loves" me. But I'm stuck on if you hardly stopped talking to me as is for almost a month and claim you're busy almost everyday how do you wanna be with me? When I tell him I wanna see him again he curves the question. I'm confused!
Long distance hearts confused?
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