Are they a player? From experience what have you learned to be the signs you are being played?

I think my favorite sure fire sign is the ability to avoid public areas. If the guy/ gal wants to hide you there is an issue.
He/ she comes up with pet names and and is a smooth talker.
He/ she is overly mysterious/ vague.


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  • . Only wants something to do with you at night
    . Never met his friends.
    . Hides you when he is with you.
    . Gives different signs.
    . Lies.
    . Doesn't keep the convo going
    . Friends and family don't know you exsist unless your "friends" if they do he's acts different around them.
    . Doesn't make plans.
    . Doesn't care to know about you.
    . Judges you for minor shit
    . Guilt trips you and everything becomes your fault
    . He has a lot of girlfriends that he spends the night with or texts and calls them babe...
    . He makes sure you don't forget anything.


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  • These are the signs that I think that a guy is a player:
    -Txts or call evening time only
    -Doesnt ask to take me out but wants to come over and "chill"
    -Ask me for money
    -Whining and complaining about his expenses
    -Talks "lovey dovey" via text or fone but doesn't show that in person
    -Very secretive about their life, past, and family
    -Has mutiple kids
    -Plays the blame game (ex. Blames exes for everything, never taking responsibility)

  • -if he wears axe
    -if he wears high nike socks
    -if he has the same haircut as every other player, you know what haircut I mean
    -if he's a smooth talker and says what you want to hear
    -if he already tries to touch you like putting his arm around you @ first meeting
    -if his snapchat score is super high
    -uses these emojis... constantly.. : 😍😜👅💞🍑💦

  • Dude communicates intermittently and sees you on occasion. Dated a player this summer and thought he was busy at work. Soon learned, after he blew me off one weekend and ghosted me for a week, that he was obviously juggling multiple women.